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We bring hackers and companies together to set new rules for business, one industry at a time.

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Industryhack opens doors for hackers to develop new products for industry leaders. Every hack explores a new opportunity, be it recycling, turbines, ships or glass. The host company gives access to exclusive data and resources, and brings in their experts to help. Industryhack provides a unique opportunity for hackers to influence the future of the companies and traditional industries.

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We live in a time where every company should be a software company, but getting there is easier said than done. Industryhack helps companies become digital by setting up challenges to the community of hackers. The hacks are competitions in which participating teams develop ideas into prototypes - and potential new commercial products.

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“We saw a lot of innovation which is very shortly going to create tangible value for our customers.”
- Tomas Hedenborg, CEO at Fastems
"It’s about getting to know the customer from the ground up and solving big problems."
- HW developer at Hack the Recycling
"It’s fascinating to see so many perspectives on a problem."
- Host, KONE Hackathon
"A chance for hackers to learn and play simultaneously."
- Data scientists at Hack MB Airport
"A fantastic weekend with amazing people, great companies and really big things!"
- Student & Hacker at Hack the Airport

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