Ponsse’s employees reported a total of six new invention disclosures

As part of PONSSE Innovation Lab, Ponsse and Industryhack together organized an internal innovation challenge to engage Ponsse’s global personnel and to combine knowledge and expertise from different markets and customers. This resulted in six new invention disclosures.

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New FastTrack process to match challenges with solutions quickly and 100% online

The Industryhack FastTrack approach helps fight the pandemic’s effects both in terms of finding solutions for the hosts’ challenges quickly on one hand, but also to provide new assignments for the solver companies (suppliers) fast on the other.

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Meet some of our customers

We help large companies in traditional industries and public organisations
to solve their challenges. Some of our customers include

Stories and impact from our first five years 2014-2019

Industryhack has brought together 40 industrial companies and 10 public organisations with a community of more than 3000 solvers to create nearly 500 concepts, 80 proof of concept projects and 40 new solutions. What hast the impact of this been? We did an impact study about the findings.

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Industryhack White Paper on Co-creation is out

We published an Industryhack white paper on co-creation – what it actually means and when to use it. Learn more about the theoretical background and practical implications of the concept (in Finnish).

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A bunch of happy Industryhackers at the UPM Flexible Energy Challenge in Jämsänkoski mill.

Read our previous white paper on Innovation Challenges

We published an Industryhack white paper on making Innovation Challenges into attractive business opportunities for all parties. See our tips for how to do it (in Finnish).

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Innovative public procurement

Our goal is to direct 100 million euros to innovative public procurement by 2021. To do this, we are developing tools and methods to do innovative procurement together with public sector organisations.

We have already seen evidence, that using innovation challenge as a tool for procurement process helps to get more applications and more innovative and better solutions to the given challenges. This way, we believe we will have better public services in the future.

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