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Through the newly established Innovation Lab, Ponsse and its subsidiary Epec are looking for new partner companies to help solve their varying business challenges. Experimental co-creation and challenge contests are used as a tool to nurture fruitful collaboration, evaluate solutions and partners systematically and fairly, and take the best ones forward in a lean way.

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New procurement opportunities up to 500K€ with Metsähallitus and Yleisradio

How to receive and share location specific feedback and information? How to build an open data interface to enable the utilization of open geographic information data? This is all about finding a solution to smooth flow of information.

Yleisradio is looking for teams to investigate the shaken media ecosystem and to develop new service solutions for young adults’ needs. Do you have a vision for future media services targeted to young adults?

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Don’t leave me hanging… and 8 other tips for open innovation

Want to know the pitfalls and best practices of open innovation pilot projects? We interviewed both parties in collaboration of 30 projects.

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