Get Ready: AI4Cities Bootcamp


Are you developing or planning to develop innovative and/or state-of-the-art AI solutions related to energy or mobility?
Want to reach six big European cities as possible customers?
Want to grow your understanding of the public procurement application process and learn the best tricks?
Want to get sparring and feedback about your solution before the actual procurement?
Want to write your best public procurement application ever?



Industryhack, together with AI4Cities project and hosting cities is organising Get ready: AI4Cities Bootcamp. This coaching bootcamp is directed to all interested startups, SMEs and bigger companies who are both able to design innovative solutions applying the use of AI and motivated to participate in the pre-commercial procurement (PCP) process. In PCP, public procurers purchase R&D from several suppliers in parallel to compare alternative solutions and approaches in order to identify solutions with greatest effectiveness. Goal is to aid these best solutions to reach the commercial market faster and thus become available for the cities sooner. Read more about how the PCP process works from this link.

AI4Cities is a three-year EU-funded project bringing together leading European cities looking for pre-commercial artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to accelerate their endeavour to reach carbon neutrality. Helsinki (Finland), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Copenhagen (Denmark), Paris region (France), Stavanger (Norway) and Tallinn (Estonia) are the six European cities and regions that want to ask companies to provide with AI solutions for different mobility and energy challenges, that will ultimately contribute to reduce CO2 emissions and meet their climate commitments. The total funding amount to be divided among the selected suppliers throughout the whole PCP process is 4.6 million euros.

The Get ready: AI4Cities Bootcamp will be organised as the first step or phase 0 of the PCP process to coach motivated participants to write their best applications yet for upcoming tender. Aim of the bootcamp is to coach and spar participating teams about their preliminary solution ideas and application process. During Phase 0 feedback for the tender qualifications will be collected, so participants will have unique opportunity to impact on the contents of the following tender. In addition to the aforementioned, phase 0 has the following goals:

  • To map companies with innovative and state-of-the-art solutions for hosting cities problems’
  • To get a better understanding of the state-of-the-art and future developments in order to develop a call for proposals with the optimal scope
  • To gain a broad understanding of all relevant and available users, stakeholders, technologies and possible solutions in the marketplace
  • To consult with the potential companies the validity of the challenge topics and its specifications, as well as to gather feedback on the feasibility of response
  • To identify remaining gaps and challenges and where R&D is still required


The challenges

Six European cities and regions are looking for companies to provide AI solutions for mobility and energy challenges. Main goal for these solutions is that they will ultimately contribute to reduce CO2 emissions and help the cities and regions to meet their climate commitments. The proposed solutions must involve real AI that provides added value for the solution. In phase 3, the solutions will be piloted in at least two cities. Proposed solutions are hoped to 

  • use and benefit from open data provided by the cities, 
  • Be economically feasible and bring other benefits through optimisation and decreased energy consumption / possibly bring economic savings through optimisation or decreased energy consumption
  • improve the effectiveness of city management through better information,
  • and/or be integratable to existing city systems if needed (such as public transport, energy network etc).

The cities and regions have already identified some general challenges they are looking to solve with the help of proposed solutions. These challenges are just examples and proposed solutions can cover other issues within energy and mobility as well – wildcards are definitely accepted during phase 0! At this point, some identified general challenges are:

  • Grid management, optimization of energy flows, smart grids
  • Increasing citizen awareness of energy consumption and motivation for energy saving
  • Energy optimization via AI, retrofitting or refurbishment of building and assets
  • Seamless transportation flows combining soft mobility (biking, walking, etc.) and public transportation
  • Optimising charging station placement (cars, boats)
  • Optimising/coordinating transportation of goods (including last mile logistics)
  • Mobility as a service (real time, easy flows…)

In addition cities have identified city specific challenges. Please check Further information -section for this material.

Timeline (all events online)

24.8. – 11.9. Participation requests are accepted

3.9. 9-11 CET Info Webinar (presentations) (recording)

8.9. 9-11 CET Matchmaking Event

Week 38 Team selections and announcing participating teams

23.9. Bootcamp Co-Creation Day: Mobility

24.9. Bootcamp Co-Creation Day: Energy

December PCP Matchmaking event

Mid January 2021  Coaching Webinar

December – January PCP Application period





                               Participation Request period has ended.






Who can participate

Request to participate with a team of 2-3 people, ideally combining diverse skills and backgrounds in the team. The team must represent a company or other such entity that can collaborate with AI4Cities project in further phases of the PCP process. All requests will be reviewed after the deadline and all applicants will be informed. Number of teams to be selected in each of the challenges (energy and mobility) will be announced later.

If you are interested in participating in the Bootcamp, but don’t have a team, you can participate in the Matchmaking event. Industryhack will organise two matchmaking events: one before the Bootcamp and one before application period for the actual PCP. Other option for matchmaking is through AI4Cities Matchmaking form.

Expected commitment

Participation to this Bootcamp is free, but compared to other Industryhack challenges participating teams will not receive a reward. Teams whose get chosen for further phases of the PCP process will receive payments described in the project timeline.

The teams are expected to work full-time on the coaching/sparring during the co-creation day (1 day). Teams will have several mentoring sessions throughout the day. Teams will be asked for feedback and teams can get written feedback to their solution.

In January the final Coaching webinar will be organised, where everyone has an opportunity to ask about the tender. Participating in the webinar is voluntary but highly recommended.

Further information

Preliminary challenges identified by Hosting Cities (more materials will be available later and some materials shared only with chosen participants)

Identified AI and related enabling technologies, which interest the Hosting Cities

  • big data applications
  • 5G
  • edge computing
  • IoT

Identified solution areas, which interest the Hosting Cities:

  • climate change
  • AI software and hardware development
  • public traffic management and planning
  • energy efficiency and infrastructure
  • building maintenance

Want to hear more?

Don’t hesitate to contact either Hannu Latva-Rasku ( or AI4Cities info (


AI4Cities has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 871914.