Aalto University

Aino Heiska

December 4, 2020

Aalto University was able to train 50 different organisations on how to define a good challenge with a Challenge Building Canvas tool that Industryhack created.

The European Commission, EIT Climate-KIC and Aalto University organized the largest digital education hackathon, DigiEduHack, in 2019 with 33 hosting organizations in 21 countries joining the movement with their local events. In 2020, the DigiEduHack movement was to take the form of 50 simultaneous events with 3000 people co-creating solutions to drive the digitalization of education. For 2020 events DigiEduHack wanted to help hosting organizations to formulate their challenges better and looked for a partner to help.

To make sure the local hackathon events would be as successful as possible in terms of their outcomes and impact, Aalto University saw crucial to help hosts select and define their hackathon topics, i.e. challenges, as well as possible. Industryhack was able to take on this task with our vast experience in and core competence of challenge definition – the phase that forms a critical part of any innovation challenge or co-creation program.

Industryhack’s role was to educate and help the DigiEduHack hosts in their own challenge definition effort. For this purpose, Industryhack created a simple-to-use methodology for challenge definition in hackathons, and shared and taught the methodology first for the customer and then to the hosts. This Challenge Definition Canvas was educated to all the hosts in a series of webinars by Industryhack. It was received very well as a simple way to build a challenge that is both impact-driven and practical: consistently aligning the host’s expectations and strategic goals with concrete efforts and resources put into the hackathon.

With the help of Industryhack, DigiEduHack’s events were able to get more and better teams to participate by being able to better express their needs and challenges.


Feedback from webinar participants

“It was great!”

“Yes, they were just great.”

“The Challenge Building Webinar were one of my favourite activities during DigiEduHack.”

“It was very useful, we have used the canvas later to create the challenge for our event.”

“It really helped building our challenge and developing it to the final stage.”

“The length and recurrence of each webinar was perfect.”



Contact person from Aalto University:
Ida Andersson, Aalto University, ida.m.andersson@aalto.fi



Aino Heiska was responsible for this project. If you are interested to hear more about it, don’t hesitate to contact her: +358 40 026 5641 or aino@industryhack.com


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