Aino Heiska

June 10, 2020

Innovation challenge to co-create solutions for measuring, documenting and utilizing ground cable location data

Caruna distributes electricity and maintains, repairs and builds a electricity network of 88 000 km for 680,000 customers in Finland. Every year the company’s network of subcontractors lay down under the ground thousands of kilometers of cables in trenches. 

In one of their innovation challenges in 2019, Eye Underground, Caruna was looking for automated, accurate and real-time solutions to record and share cable location data to improve safety and efficiency and avoid disruptions. This meant finding and experimenting with better and more cost-efficient technologies, for example 3d modelling, image recognition, lidar, machine learning or even wearables.

Ground cable work in action.

Industryhack’s responsibilities during the challenge were to define the identified problem, to attract and engage professional solver teams, and to train, support and coach Caruna’s experts and decision-makers to co-create solution concepts with the selected teams. Industryhack also supported Caruna by providing the needed project agreements and guidelines for the proof-of-concept phase started after the challenge and by participating in its steering group.

Jukka Haakana, Quality Manager, Caruna

Industryhack’s operating model created an excellent opportunity to see and achieve innovative and effective resources outside of Caruna to solve our challenge. After the competition, the development and further innovation of POC with the winning parties and Industryhack went excellent, with good energy and together. When the challenge achieved excellent results for the goals set for verifying the location and depth of the electricity grid, – one can only be satisfied and say that it was worth it!

As a result, Caruna had successfully scouted a variety of interested solution suppliers and co-created six solution concepts and proposals for concept validation with the most attractive teams.

Two solver teams’ concepts were selected for further validation. First was a hand-held physical device subcontractors could use to make sure the cable was in the correct location. The other solution was a data producing and recording device, that would be part of the machinery.

Feedback from a participant:

The challenge was clearly presented and challenge materials were very detail to start working smoothly with the concept after the kickoff. Customer provided excellent on-site support and mentoring which helped our team to exceed our initial concept development expectations in such a short period of time. Practicalities worked smoothly throughout the challenge. Highly recommended for others to take part of Industryhack facilitated challenges.


Video greetings from the co-creation event of the Eye Underground innovation challenge.



Aino Heiska was responsible for this project. If you are interested to hear more about it, don’t hesitate to contact her: +358 40 026 5641 or


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