Hannu Latva-Rasku

October 28, 2020

Pre-procurement ideation challenge to give DigiFinland insights and ideas for developing and procuring an engaging AuroraAI UX/solution aimed for teenagers.

DigiFinland is a state-owned development company established in October 2017. Their mission is to advance the digitalisation of multidisciplinary government services, such as health and social services. One of their guiding principles is to be an agile and extensively networked developer community. Together with their partners, their goal is to:

  • implement new digital solutions, projects and purchases for the government services on the national level
  • control the rising costs of health and social services through digital solutions
  • develop a technological environment that ensures equal access to better services for all Finnish residents.

They work in close cooperation with several ministries, the Social Insurance Institute (Kela), National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), educational institutions and ICT developers. In spring 2020 one of their main projects was related to AuroraAI.

AuroraAI is a network of intelligent services, helping to create conditions for people-oriented, proactive society. The network facilitates interaction between artificial intelligences and other services from government, non-profit and private sectors, dynamically orchestrating those to meet requirements at hand. AuroraAI project is based on the strategic objective of building a dynamic and thriving Finland, as expressed in the Programme of Prime Minister Sanna Marin’s Government, and it is coordinated by the Ministry of Finance.

In spring of 2020 AuroraAI was taking its first concrete technical steps. As one part of the versatile project, DigiFinland was working together with the Ministry of Finance to create the first MVP of the technical solution for citizens. This solution or user interface would act as a sort of gateway to all personal well-being related information for the citizens: information is to be gathered from different service providers available in AuroraAI network. In the AuroraAI ideation challenge ideas were sought for a solution, which would be the first way to operate AuroraAI. Any insights on the possible solutions and their implementation were also welcomed in order to better plan the upcoming procurement. Procuring the actual solution would happen in the future, but first steps were taken here.

The aim of the challenge was to follow principles of market dialogue: after this ideation challenge the Host would procure technical solutions based on the ideas and insights obtained in this challenge. Goal of this process was to make the procurement more realistic, attractive and sensible, and it will enable suppliers to affect the outcome. 

AuroraAI was and will be a massive project, currently being developed with a limited number of use cases (life events). In this ideation challenge focus was on these use cases and especially the case of teenagers – what kind of user interface would motivate, engage and activate them the most for developing a better overview of themselves? The AuroraAI challenge was divided into two tracks: Conversational AI and ways to gather information from the teenagers, and Wellbeing Visualisation as a way to empower teenagers.

In the Wellbeing visualisation track the Host sought after solution ideas on how to visualise and present information collected from multiple data sources in an empowering way. In the Conversational AI track teams were asked to ideate on what kind of user interface would be so engaging, that the user continuously return to use it, and how the solution could help or guide the user.

The ideation challenge was planned to enable market dialogue through different formats organized by Industryhack. The dialogue started with an Info Webinar digging deep into the challenge from different aspects via expert statements. Info Webinar was recorded and available also for those who couldn’t participate live. An opportunity for matchmaking was also provided before the end of application period. The actual ideation challenge consisted of one co-creation day where teams could discuss different aspects of and questions about the challenge topics with mentors and topic experts. Then on the following day teams presented their insights and ideas of the topic to the project team. These insights were then compiled into a final report for DigiFinland and the Ministry of Finance so they could continue with the project.


Pirkka-Matti Alanne, Project Manager, DigiFinland Oy

This ideation challenge gave a jump start to the design stage of the entire undertaking. We were able to early on start a fruitful dialogue with the developer community to lay groundwork for the future procurement process – without forgetting the valuable contacts gained. We got an opportunity to direct innovation to the most meaningful and important aspects of the future procurement. Now we can comfortably move on to the next phases of the project.


Customers Contact person:

Pirkka-Matti Alanne, DigiFinland Oy, pirkka-matti.alanne@digifinland.fi



Hannu Latva-Rasku was responsible for this project. If you are interested to hear more about it, don’t hesitate to contact him: +358 50 431 3532 or hannu@industryhack.com

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