Anna Korpela

August 30, 2018

Keeping the machines running for several decades longer

Finnsementti is part of the global construction materials company CRH that has an annual turnover of 26 billion euros. Finnsementti has a massive cement manufacturing plant in Parainen. In their challenge in 2018, they wanted to find solutions for improving maintenance operations and how to get more use out of the data that is being collected at the plant.

One of the solver companies, Fidera, connected the data from 2000 existing sensors and brought movable sensors that monitor the cement kiln’s conditions around the clock. The solution helps to detect any deviations from normal data and prevents unexpected downtime, thus saving huge costs and prolonging the use time of the kiln with several decades. After the successful pilot, Fidera and Finnsementti have continued to develop new machine learning based solutionsin the plant.

Tommy Ranta, Plant Manager of Finnsementti
As a result of this challenge, we started a project with a new partner to build a maintenance system that enables real time tracking of our cement kiln. By noticing deviations in the data, equipment breakdowns can be predicted and prevented, and expensive production stops will be avoided. I have told many people, that without Industryhack, we wouldn’t have found these potential partners and they wouldn’t have found us. Without this challenge we would never have started working with these small companies and we wouldn’t even know this kind of opportunities exists. I would definitely recommend Industryhack. We learned how agile startups are. Large actors in our industry are usually everything but agile. More companies should test this kind of model.


Anna Korpela was responsible for this project. If you are interested to hear more about it, don’t hesitate to contact her: +358 50 384 8911‬ or


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