KEKO consortium

Anna Korpela

October 26, 2020

Co-creation with innovative data-driven partners to examine adaptive solutions or services offered for smart building users

KEKO is a consortium of Nokia, Kone, YIT, Caverion, Halton, VTT and Netox, who are creating an ecosystem by bringing together major players and SME’s around a smart building platform. They aim at enabling new platform-based business models for founders, improved experience and services for smart building users, and thus improved value and sustainability for building owners.

Industryhack has helped KEKO in developing smart building use cases into validated concepts through co-creation and concrete experiments with external partners. The goal of the collaboration has been to learn about smart building services and technologies, and to engage SMEs that are capable of developing and commercializing solutions that complement the KEKO platform. While the platform was still in its early phases, the innovation challenge Industryhack organized with KEKO in the fall of 2020 also helped the consortium understand the next steps in developing it further and making the ecosystem more attractive to developers.

The innovation challenge scope was defined to find mass-customized or personalized solutions for smart office buildings, especially from the employees’ and visitors’ point of view. Out of 24 professional teams who applied to co-create solutions with KEKO, eight teams were invited to join the online co-creation days organized by Industryhack. Despite working fully remotely, meaningful conversations between the members of the KEKO consortium and these innovative company teams took place over an intense two-day event and resulted in relevant, professional final presentations of the solutions.

Some of the teams suggested innovative ways to analyze, utilize and visualize the smart building’s data for a user of the building, others focused on examining what the user interface of a smart, adaptive building could or should actually be like in the future. By October 2020, one proof-of-concept project has already been started by KEKO consortium and one of the participating teams.


Anna Korpela was responsible for this project. If you are interested to hear more about it, don’t hesitate to contact her: +358 50 3848 911 or


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