Aino Heiska

January 4, 2021

Due to travel restrictions, Kiilto was in an urgent need of finding a way to remotely measure and document customer’s process and interact with them during a product trial.

Kiilto is a growing Finnish company focusing on chemical industry solutions. Kiilto provides e.g. adhesives, sealants, and waterproofing membranes for industries like construction, paper and packaging, woodworking and furniture amongst others.

Due to limited possibilities to travel and have physical encounters with customers during the COVID-19 pandemic in April 2020, Kiilto was in need of an alternative way for measuring and documenting the product trial and interacting with the customers during product trials. In the past Kiilto’s personnel went on site to observe, measure and analyze test trials and make adjustments needed. What could be a potential solution for doing all this remotely? Are there some new technologies or approaches that should be experimented with?

Kiilto, boxes

We set out to find a supplier with a solution for the problem through a really fast online challenge process (described as the Industryhack FastTrack). In just three weeks, with our help Kiilto was able to define and publish the challenge, find 19 interested suppliers, select three most interesting ones (Wapice, Finwe and Augumenta) to discuss about their potential solutions, and select one (Augumenta) as a proof-of-concept supplier to validate and further develop a solution. For both parties, the Industryhack process provided a fair and effective way for finding each other and starting a new, mutually beneficial and hopefully long partnership.


Kiilto’s CIO Henry Keihäs:

“In the beginning of April we faced a challenging change in our international business. Test drives are in a crucial role in our cooperation with our customers and typically someone from Kiilto travels to a customer’s location to make the test drive. All of a sudden we had to stop travelling and rethink the whole process again.

At the same time Industryhack’s Mikael Hautala presented me this new concept of ”FasTrack challenge”. We decided to test it because the model was well productised, fast and cost-efficient for this purpose.

That decision turned out to be very successful. In two weeks we got 19 different innovative solution ideas. For us this process was easy and we only had to explain our challenge and decide which idea to choose, Industryhack had the needed contacts and process to manage this challenge. The process from an idea to a readymade solution took only 6 weeks. Cooperation with Industryhack was very pleasant and their approach was very professional.”



Aino Heiska was responsible for this project. If you are interested to hear more about it, don’t hesitate to contact her: +358 40 026 5641 or


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