KPY Novapolis

Aino Heiska

October 15, 2020

Innovation challenge as a way to find new partners and service concepts for a better workplace experience

KPY Novapolis is a modern campus operator offering business premises/office spaces and meeting services in Kuopio, and home to more than 170 companies and educational institutions (University of Eastern Finland, Savonia, Sakky). With the help of Industryhack, KPY Novapolis wanted to find new partners and service concepts to help envision and implement the future workplace experience for their tenants.

As part of KPY’s brand new strategy, a lot of emphasis is being placed on building partnerships and enhancing the tenants’ workday experience. Together with Industryhack, an innovation challenge was organized to find potential partners and innovative solutions for this very topic. Working with KPY was proven to be seen as very attractive, as a large and strong group of companies applied to take part. Of these 30 companies, a versatile group of six company teams were selected to join the co-creation phase, where these teams would work together with KPY Novapolis’ experts and customers as their mentors. Among these six companies were designers, architects, software developers and startup entrepreneurs to name a few.

Taking into consideration the global pandemic situation changing the ways of working in 2020, this challenge was implemented with a hybrid model. The hybrid innovation challenge model enables both ways of participation: remote and present. All important information sessions were organized online and then participation in the actual co-creation phase was possible either remotely or by being present in Kuopio. From the 6 teams 5 were present in Kuopio and one participated with remote connections.

Feedback from a participants:

Industryhack’s challenge was an exiting way to work, find solutions and to get to know a leading host company.

We were very happy with our experience at an Industryhack challenge. The partners are committed and looking for a solution to an actual problem that they have. Great start for a hopefully long-term collaboration.

At the end of the co-creation phase teams presented their solutions to the jury. The proposed solutions all handled the future of workday experience from different perspectives: application to enable flexiwork, indoor positioning throughout KPY Novapolis, creating co-working spaces by utilizing common spaces, creating flexible working places with customisable booths, encouraging towards more sustainable life choices at the office and creating future work communities with co-working spaces. KPY Novapolis was very pleased with the quality of all of the proposed solutions and decided to continue with two proof-of-concept projects with and Partanen & Lamusuo. Conversations about possible future partnership will be started with all other participating teams as well.

In the end, KPY Novapolis was thankful for the smooth practical arrangements from the start of the project until the end. They saw the innovation challenge as an efficient way to find and co-create with potential partners. It also offered a good chance to benchmark the kinds of solutions there are in the market, and get a quick overview of possible, concrete ways of moving forward with the new strategy.

Winners (Annina Koskiola from, Jaana Partanen and Heikki Lamusuo from Partanen & Lamusuo) and KPY Novapolis’ jury (Anssi Lehikoinen, Karolina Huuhtanen, Silja Huhtiniemi and Tarja Tikkanen) at the end of the co-creation days.


Aino Heiska was responsible for this project. If you are interested to hear more about it, don’t hesitate to contact her: +358 40 026 5641 or


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