PONSSE Innovation Lab

Aino Heiska

December 15, 2020

Co-creating solutions for a persistent industry challenge with global, cross-organizational teams

Ponsse Plc is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cut-to-length forest machines. They have put a lot of effort into tackling a persistent industry challenge and so increasing operational efficiency in the daily work of their customers. As the problem was far from a new one, there had been many attempts to solve it by competitors and it was clear that a fresh approach and means were needed to get forward.

As part of PONSSE Innovation Lab, Ponsse and Industryhack together organized an internal innovation challenge to engage Ponsse’s global personnel and to combine knowledge and expertise from different markets and customers. A total of 10 teams were selected to join the online co-creation process, which was built to facilitate creative ideation and concept development between cross-organizational teams and their mentors across various time zones and continents.

As a result of the co-creation Ponsse’s employees reported a total of six new invention disclosures and even more ideas to be worked forward in our R&D.

Feedback from Kalle Einola, Ponsse R&D:

This was a nice experience – actually way better than imagined in advance taking into account that it was organised 100 % remotely due to covid restrictions!




Aino Heiska was responsible for this project. If you are interested to hear more about it, don’t hesitate to contact her: +358 40 026 5641 or aino@industryhack.com


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