Anna Korpela

April 1, 2018

Solutions for smarter and more ecological street maintenance

Helsinki City Construction Services, Stara, is a versatile expert in the fields of construction, environmental management and logistics. Their 1,500 employees take care of Helsinki. Industryhack has worked with Stara on several challenges.

The first of them, StreetReboot, was organised in late 2017. Stara wanted to test solutions IoT based solutions that improve the planning and managing of city maintenance services. One of the solutions helps inform people before their car will be removed during street cleaning, while saving time and transportation costs for the city. Stara piloted the solution in one part of the city. It was greatly successful, reducing the need to move cars by 95%, and demonstrated that the solution can help the city save costs by nearly a million euros when implemented city-wide.

Photo: Solvers getting to know Stara’s fleet during the StreetReboot challenge.

Sami Aherva, Director Of Logistics at Stara:

During the StreetReboot challenge, I realized that for the first time employees had a chance to effect the tool the team uses. Before, the tools have been just given. Now they got the opportunity to guide the development as part of the professional team and build a tool for themselves. Our mentors gave feedback that these were the best workdays ever. This is something that I had never experienced during my career.

As a result of the first challenge, we got four proof-of-concept projects and two of the solutions are in use today. SiirtoSoitto is a service that makes an automated call to a car owner if the car is in a transfer request area and the maintenance work is about to start. If the car owner act quickly, the transfer fee can be avoided. Another solution that is in use is an application for the city maintenance, called Apuri. It gives recommendations in real time about in which order the streets should be taken care of. With Apuri same routes won’t be driven through twice, therefore time and resources are being saved, when routes can be planned.

After the successful first challenge, the second challenge This Is Snow Problem was organised in November 2018, finding solutions to recycle snow during snowy winters in Helsinki.Four solutions were piloted. This challenge was also an innovative public procurement process. You can read more about the case (in Finnish) here.


 Anna Korpela was responsible for this project. If you are interested to hear more about it, don’t hesitate to contact her: +358 50 384 8911‬ or


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