Petri Vilén

September 1, 2017

Kickstarting the culture of fast experimentation

Hack the Ship challenge with the Nordic’s leading cruising company TallinkSilja was organized in February 2016. The challenge was really interesting, and it still holds the record amount of applications to any Industryhack challenge.

TallinkSilja’s Håkan Fagerström shows solvers the ship’s bridge

The co-development camp was organised on a cruise ship and in Tallinn. TallinkSilja wanted to develop services that improve cruise passenger’s customer experience and create new sales opportunities with the latest technology in the new ship Megastar, which the company was launching soon after the challenge. The solvers also got access to information and resources which are not publicly available.

Margus Schults, CEO of TallinkSilja:
The challenge with Industryhack was an eye opening experience. We got familiar with a lot of new potential partners and continued to work with one of them on our digital journey. Yet, the most important value for us was the cultural change we got in our organisation.

In large organisations development is typically slow and expensive. We were able to demonstrate to our whole organisation that it’s possible to do a lot of fast experiments and develop customer focused solutions in an agile way. Usually development projects can take several months, but this challenge showed it is possible to build a prototype in just two days. This customer focused approach and agile way of working that Industryhack represents, affected strongly the way we do business development and IT.

 Petri Vilén was responsible for this project. If you are interested to hear more about it, don’t hesitate to contact him: +358 40 706 9094 or petri@industryhack.com


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