Mikael Hautala

February 1, 2017

Revolutionary customer service while refreshing brand

Veho is Finland’s largest automobile retail and maintenance company. The company opened a new Mercedes-Benz flagship store in spring 2016, and wanted to find better solutions to serve customers in the maintenance process. They opened the doors to the new store before it publicly opened, providing open access to the maintenance facilities to build and test new concepts.

Veho seeked solutions to improve the customer experience of car maintenance. Communicating to the customer about the process of a car maintenance hasn’t changed noticeably throughout the years, therefore the process needed an update. They also wanted to show Veho’s employees that innovation and interdisciplinary thinking is not just allowed, but also desired.

Veho started two proof of concept projects during the challenge. One of them resulted in Veho buying the technology rights for a customer analytics solutions, and the other customer service concept was implemented to Veho nationwide.

Veho’s CIO Hannu Harjula:
“We implemented this simple application that enables communication with the client at different stages of car maintenance. If a need for additional work occurs, client can be informed efficiently. Seems very simple, but with the car industry being very traditional, this was a very revolutionary thing.”

“Industryhack had the knowhow and ready concept for this kind of challenges. They brought the proficiency and how to set the scope. Industryhack has a vast network of solvers, where the teams and right people for our challenge were found.”

“This challenge also had a strong impact internally in our organisation and affected our cultural change. In addition, we reached audience that we wouldn’t normally reach. Another important factor was shaping our brand and image from the traditional automotive industry.”


Mikael Hautala was responsible for this project. If you are interested to hear more about it, don’t hesitate to contact him: +358 50 322 7007‬ or


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