Time for elevation

with Hiab – CargoHack

Challenge info

Sep 5th - Sep 7th

Hudiksvall, Sweden

200.000 SEK pilot projects budgeted for up to 3 teams, other teams get a 15.000 SEK reward


Time for elevation

with Hiab – CargoHack

The teams who proceeded to the concept validation phase with Hiab:

The 8 selected teams who joined us in Hudiksvall in September:

Load handling is the cornerstone of on-time delivery

In many countries the word “Hiab” is a synonym for a loader crane of any make. Hiab , part of Cargotec Corporation, is the world’s leading provider of on-road load handling equipment – loader cranes, demountable container handlers, forestry cranes, truck-mounted forklifts and tail lifts. Hiab’s customers range from large national companies to local and relatively small enterprises: transportation companies, municipalities and governments, fleet operators, single truck owners, rental companies and truck manufacturers whose business areas vary from construction to recycling and from forestry to warehousing. Customer satisfaction is the first priority for Hiab.

Hiab is committed to keep on developing new solutions that unlock the full potential of load handling. Their role in society, through their equipment, is to make sure there is bread at the breakfast table, materials at construction sites and that waste is carried away.

The Challenge

One of the biggest challenges in logistics, if not the biggest, is to have 100% of the deliveries on time and in perfect condition. Load handling plays a crucial role in solving the problems currently occurring in the process. To tackle the challenge, Hiab is looking for external teams to co-develop new concept demos and solution prototypes with. More specifically, the challenge focuses on using digitalisation to

  • make load handling easier and safer
    How can digitalisation be used to improve load handling operations? How to make it easier and safer for the operator and the surroundings? With new sensor technology there is a possibility to increased situational awareness. How can Hiab benefit from tracking fixed or moving objects, for example to identify cargo and obstacles?
  • secure availability of equipment
    How could the performance of training, condition monitoring and real-time guiding of the operator, which are the key influencers on up-time, be maximised (using e.g. augmented or virtual reality)? Could it be pushed even further – to the point of creating an “Up-time as a Service” offering?
  • take the lead in Intelligent Load Handling solutions
    What are the opportunities laying ahead of us related to creating intelligent solutions for the market of load handling? How could data in combination with current equipment and service offerings be utilised to provide new solutions and insights to Hiab’s customers? What data is the most relevant for this and how to generate and make use of it effectively?

Available help and resources

To help the development of concepts during the challenge, we have reserved some key people and resources to support your work.

  • Mentors, experts and customers
    Each team will be assigned with their own mentor. There will also be other industry and product experts from Hiab, and customers who use products in their daily work.
  • Hiab products
    Hiab loader cranes, test benches, trucks, with direct access to the sensors and APIs.
    Laboratory with a test track (simulating different challenges and modes) and videos of Hiab products in different applications, environments and countries.
  • Data and software
    Examples of crane data from sensors is at your disposal as well as a gateway API for controlling cranes. In addition, 3D models of cranes (in a simulation environment), a hardware simulator and a rapid prototyping control system (in Matlab) are available.
  • Additional tools / tech
    – 3D-printers for printing crane parts and other models
    – Samsung VR gear, smartphones (S6 & S7) and tablets (S2)
    – IBM Bluemix platform

Challenge timeline

  • Applications close – June 14th
  • Applicants informed about the selections – June 22nd
  • Challenge kickoff webinar – August 23rd
  • On-site hackathon – September 5–7th at Hiab R&D laboratory
  • Pilot proposal submission DL – September 14th
  • Pilot phase – September–December
  • Pilot presentations – January 2018

Rewards and pilot projects

Hiab is prepared to start 200.000 SEK pilot projects with up to 3 teams. The teams who are not selected to the piloting phase will receive a 15.000 SEK reward.

The jury

Roland Sundén – President at Hiab
Mikael Laine – Senior Vice President, Strategy at Cargotec
Jan-Erik Lindfors – Vice President, New Business Solutions at Hiab
Stefan Onkenhout – Director Innovation and Business Development at Hiab
Andrew Hollingsworth – Group Fleet Manager at Travis Perkins

Who will own my idea?

IPR for any software codebase or documents produced during the challenge will stay with the participating team (even though ideas as such cannot be protected). The host has the first right of refusal to negotiate further collaboration with the team.


Transportation from (and back to) Stockholm / Arlanda, food and accommodation are covered by Hiab.

Who is it for?

Companies that can work together with Hiab for creating better load handling products and services – software developers, data analysts, UI/UX designers and other innovators.

How do I apply?

Apply with a team of 2-3 people. All applications will be reviewed after the deadline. Groups that submit early have a small advantage because we have more time to read their applications. All applicants will be informed one week after the deadline. 6-8 teams will be selected to join the challenge.