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Being a solver means you are part of Industryhack community of professionals who are eager to take on big challenges with the help of technology.

What do we offer for the community?

As a solver, you get access to large companies’ most interesting flagship projects. With us, they are looking to experiment and build new services and solutions with innovative partners. You get the chance to work with them and showcase your solutions to their decision makers.

Together with this, we have pre-negotiated the terms so that you can focus on developing the solution with the customer. By using our platform, you will also build your personal and your company’s profile, and get feedback from your work. You will also get access to our community events and trainings.

Who can become a solver?

Solvers are people with the passion and skills to solve big challenges in an agile way. Your background can be in software, design, or business development. You can work for example in a startup, tech company, digital agency, or research group.

The most important thing is that you are able and willing to form a team and work with corporate or governmental customers on development projects. We also can contact your boss to make sure you and your colleagues can use your working time on these challenges.

Some testimonials from our community members

"Designing a new service concept and planning the business model for it is usually much more valuable to the company than just a new gadget, feature, or app."

Ergin Tuganay, Nortal

"We love to show how much value a small team can bring to a large company. We are proud to have taken part in such a highly competitive challenge and were glad to continue to the pilot phase"

Carl-Fredrik Ullberg, Slagkryssaren

"You can speculate endlessly – or you can build it and try it out. Innovation challenges are a lovely way of getting stuff done for a change, instead of wasting your time in meetings."

Matias Pietilä, Qvik

"The old way of doing sales is dead. It's better to show what we're capable of than just tell about it. That is why we love open innovation challenges."

Perttu Lähteenlahti, Perfektio

"For us agile evangelists, innovation challenges are the perfect way to practise what we preach. Nothing better than to see that bulb light up. Plus it's super fun to meet people from different walks of life."

Lasse Laurila, Extreme Consulting

"Industryhack is a great format. The challenge hosts are often open for radical innovation and different perspective."

Heikki Törränen, Kwork Innovations

"Behind innovation challenges are real customers and problems waiting for a solution: this means very little guesswork and very short time to market, two huge benefits for a startup like ours!”

Marco Sandrini, Twenty Hexagons

"During the Airbus Innovation Challenge we were supported by great mentoring which led us to progress really fast."

Dr. Thomas Strang, Intelligence on Wheels GmbH

“What makes Industryhack challenges rewarding for us, is that they've partnered with the most relevant players in different industry sectors, and focus on real-life challenges."

Annina Koskiola, CEO,

"I really like the way Industryhack creates places and times for serendipity - these magical moments when good fortune just happens, as if by chance."

Aki Salmi, Visma

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