We are happy and proud that these organizations have trusted in us and our ability to drive their co-creation efforts. Take a look on some of their comments and our stories.

Case stories


DigiFinland looked for ideas and insights via open market dialogue related to AuroraAI procurement.

KEKO consortium

Co-creation with innovative data-driven partners was used to examine personalized solutions or services a smart, adaptive building could offer for its users.

KPY Novapolis

KPY Novapolis hosted an innovation challenge to find new partners and service concepts for a better workplace experience.


Caruna searched for cost-efficient new technologies and methods to measure and document ground cable location data gathered by subcontractors.


Ponsse had done several innovation challenges with suppliers but this time they wanted to innovate with their own personnel.

District Heating Companies

District heating companies explored new data-driven, customer-centric services, in order to improve the customer experience and brand of district heating.

Verohallinto (in Finnish)

Verohallinto toteutti yhdessä Industryhack Oy:n kanssa #verohack – vaivattomasti viranomaisvelvoitteita​ -​innovaatiokilpailun.


Finnsementti wanted to find solutions for improving maintenance operations and how to get more use out of the data that is being collected at the plant.


In two different innovative challenges Stara focused in making street maintenance smarter and more ecological, all around the year, with co-creation.


Improving the information flow between energy producers and the power grid operator Fingrid. Data analysis and forecasting for energy production capacity.


TallinkSilja wanted to co-create services that improve cruise passenger’s experience and create new sales opportunities in their new ship Megastar.

Lassila & Tikanoja

L&T wanted to find new ways to serve their customers. This resulted in a new service Helpponouto, which became a new business for L&T.