Caruna is a Finnish electricity distribution company. They take care of distributing electricity as well as maintaining, repairing and building a weatherproof electricity network. They have over 700,000 customers in the Southern, Southwestern and Western parts of Finland, as well as in the city of Joensuu, the sub-region of Koillismaa and Satakunta. Their electrical network is over 88,000 kilometres long and market share of electricity distribution is about 20 percent. The innovation unit of Caruna has organized multiple challenge contests and developed their innovation activities to explore new solutions and partnerships with our help.

“Industryhack has been the right partner for us for speeding up our innovation activities and for finding new innovative partners.”

Katja Koponen, Innovation Manager, Caruna

Our collaboration

In autumn of 2020 we planned and executed an internal innovation process for Caruna’s personnel together with Caruna’s innovation unit. In this process internal teams developed, with the help of mentors, customer focused service concepts to a selected business challenge.

Co-creation was organized in two two-day remote workshops, which we facilitated with a process and tools that supported working remotely in an inspiring and effective way. During the preparation phase we designed the process as well as the rules of engagement, and executed the application process.


As a result of the co-creation workshops, two new and customer-driven service concepts were created. These concepts were both easy to experiment and to implement afterwords. All participants also got some hands-on experience and learnings from quick and agile service development utilising service design methods and tools – all remotely! Based on the feedback, all participants would recommend this experience to their peers (NPS 100).