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We’re a consultancy specializing in co-creation methods. We help you find best-fit partners and ensure smooth collaboration in your development projects.

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Smoother collaboration in development projects

Digitalization and sustainability provide plenty of new business opportunities for large companies. In many cases, the best solutions are developed together with agile and innovative partners. Yet, many find it difficult to find suitable partners and kick off the collaboration.

That’s why we help our customers to experiment collaboration on average with six* potential partners, and kick off a joint project within three weeks* after the experiments.

* figures are based on 34 projects with our customers during 2018-2020

We help with these typical problems our customers face in their development projects

  • We can’t find the best fit partners for our development projects
  • Starting collaboration with new partners is slow and difficult
  • We need to shake our organizational culture and adopt more innovative ways of working
  • We need more rapid experiments and systematic executing new ideas
  • We want to better engage our staff in our R&D activities

Our services

How can we support your development projects?

Consulting services

We help you prepare for development projects, enforce a culture of experimentation and solve problems in your R&D processes.

Co-creation workshops

We plan and organize challenge-driven workshops to develop new ideas and solutions together with your staff and stakeholders.

Challenge contests

We plan and organize challenge contests to find potential partners, make rapid experiments with them, and kick off collaboration with the best fit partners.

Partner programs

We plan and lead long-term programs that aim to find potential partners and start collaboration on several challenges.

Why Industryhack?

Four good reasons to work with us

1. Our team

We are educated and entrepreneurial experts specializing in co-creation methods. We are all shareholders in the company. Our customers thank us* for being bold, enthusiastic and encouraging.

* Customer study (AdvanceB2B 11/2020)

2. Our partner network

So far, we have worked with 588* innovative companies and know them like our own pockets. Our opportunities are followed by over 5000 subscribers and we continuously map new potential partners in digitalization and sustainability.
* Challenge contest participants (2/2021)

3. Our experience

We have accumulated experience since 2015 by helping over 60 large companies and public sector organizations start development projects with new partners. Our customers are really happy* to work with us.
* NPS 73 (Trustmary 2/2021)

4. Our know-how

We continuously develop new tools and methods for better co-creation*. Our work has been acknowledged with Technology Prize, Service Act of the Year and Blue Arrow Award.

* Whitepapers available on our website