Global Community of Solvers (to fix the broken corporate innovation)

Aino Heiska

March 1, 2018

First ever Industryhack was held on 6th-8th of February 2015 with Konecranes.

This week Industryhack officially celebrates it’s third birthday.

Three years in human life is a tiny time, but for a startup it involves rapid evolution, several pivots, learnings and also growth. Industryhack’s growth journey (which I have just recently joined), has been a true open innovation journey: growing from the first hackathon event experimentation with Konecranes to a world scale open innovation platform company and a community of solvers.

Today our community consists of over +500 unique companies and therewith over 3 000 people, who we call ”solvers”. I can mention only few here by name: there are big software companies like Digia, HiQ, CGI and IBM (and no, we don’t count all their employees in to our community) and growing unique specialist companies like Perfektio and Silo AI. There are startup teams and tech expert companies like and FlyAR.

The power of the Industryhack community gets stronger every day, and it is our job to make it worthwhile for our customer and the community members to work together through open innovation and the Industryhack platform. We aim to do this by growing together with our customers to new markets (check the story of our recent Airbus challenge in Munich here) and pushing our the boundaries of innovation by aiming to solve even bigger challenges with true global impact and value.

In today’s modern world, new growth businesses are built and operated via ecosystems, platforms and collaboration. Technology is eating the world and startups are popping up everywhere. As the pace of change is growing, also corporate innovation is getting harder. Traditional industries are growingly being disrupted by technology, digitalization and new business models. Still big companies (and believe me, I happen to know this stuff) tend to innovate in a traditional waterfall-process manner. In a nutshell, both the incremental innovations and disruptive opportunities are often developed via traditional customer-supplier process and hierarchy, which is slow, inflexible, avoiding risks and exploiting only very limited (internal) resources available. Let’s phase it: the traditional corporate innovation model is broken.

No single corporation can master or own the skills and new talent required for renewal and grow. Instead of focusing to planning and time consuming internal debating, supplier management or slow decision making in the existing hierarchies, open innovation is an extremely rapid and agile way for corporations to experiment and learn how technology and data can be utilized to solve operational challenges or to build new services and solutions.

That’s where we come in. By combining the best teams and talent from the Industryhack’s global community to solve purposeful challenges of big companies.

So, Industryhack wouldn’t exist without it’s community of solvers.

  • We need our community, as only the best experts and teams can solve the massive challenges and opportunities our society, environment and customers are facing.
  • We believe in our community, as we have already witnessed tremendous ideas and rapid execution in the Industryhack innovation camps and development projects continuing with our customers.
  • We stand with our community, as building growth and success for our community of +500 companies means that we are creating new value together and takes us closer to our mission.

The excitement, stories and results from the innovation camps we have done with the brilliant teams joining the challenges of our forefront customers like Ponsse and Fortum are the reason why we celebrate our third birthday.

And yes, we are going to celebrate like a big proud family of a three year old toddler: by gathering our team, friends, closest partners, customers and most of our community members to different get-together events to meet, talk, cheer and toast for the bright future.

While the three year old toddler continues learning and growing further, who may guess what has happened by the 15th birthday?

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