The innovation task force

Collaborate with our community of 2,000+ experts in new technology, business, service design, and data science on your digitalisation challenges.

Working with the most innovative companies

We are working with some of the most innovative companies in traditional industries like manufacturing, energy, maritime, or construction. They trust us over and over again to speed up their innovation processes.

Our customers work with Industryhack to explore opportunities in a new digital business areas, find partners that can boost their business growth, be the first-mover in digitalisation in their industry, understand how new tech could impact their industry, and to transform their company culture to be more agile.

Meet the community

Industryhack’s innovation task force has 2,000+ members. They are seasoned professionals in software development, service design, digital business models, data science and new technologies.

They come from startups, technology companies, software consultancies, and design agencies, and most of them have at least 5 years of experience from their profession. We actively grow and cater the community for example by being active in events, providing special content, and giving access to new tools.

How Industryhack can help you?

1. Define the challenges

Once your strategy is set for open innovation, we help you to define your digitalisation challenges.

2. Call for best teams

We guarantee to find the best teams from our community and source relevant tech companies to participate the challenge.

3. Co-develop demos

Bring your staff and customers together with the best external teams to co-develop ideas into prototype demos.

4. Accelerate projects

Choose the best concepts to run pilots in real environment, and work with the team to build your new business.

Our promise: Six prototypes co-developed with the best technology teams to your business challenge within 3 months from now.

Interested? Contact us

If you want to know more about open innovation and hosting a challenge, or want a quote, please contact us and we’re happy to let you know more about our way to work and previous success cases.

Fill in the contact form and we will be in contact with you as soon as possible. Naturally, you can contact us directly.

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Co-founder, CMO
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Co-founder, CEO
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