Radical innovation driven
by big challenges

Consider us as your platform to find innovative partners
to develop and build new business with you.

Find partners for innovation

Innovative partners are needed, when you want to develop or create new business, but there is no ready solution available in the market yet, and new developing solutions is not your core competence. You should work with us, if you are looking to

  • Improve operational efficiency with new technology
  • Develop new products and service offering, or
  • Explore new business models

Get started by defining your challenge

The collaboration process begins by defining and posting a challenge on our platform, where it will be targeted to the right community members. In the call for applications you can describe the challenge and give background info and context to help solve it.

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Choose the best teams to work with you

The challenges are posted to our community of solvers. The community members represent innovative digital agencies, startups and technology companies. Industryhack is constantly growing the community through active prospecting, marketing activities and events, and interviews each new company to validate and build their profile in the Industryhack platform.

Solvers apply to your challenge in teams. You can review their applications in our platform, and choose to invite the best ones for you to the challenge. Our staff and peer recommendations help you make the right choices.

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Experiment and validate ideas together

Innovation process begins by building understanding of the challenge context, in collaboration between your experts and solver teams. The best ideas are chosen and experimented by building fast prototypes. You can then choose the best concepts to be piloted in real environment, collecting customer feedback. After this, you will have the needed information to make the decision to continue collaboration.

Industryhack Platform helps you through the process

Our platform helps you manage the challenge and communicate with solvers throughout the process. On our platform, you can

  • post and manage the challenge
  • review and rate applications
  • handle standard and fast contracts
  • manage user rights
  • communicate with solver teams
  • review final results, and
  • collect feedback.

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