Workplace Experience Redesigned

KPY Novapolis is looking for new partners and service concepts to help envision and implement the future workplace experience.


Opportunity in a nutshell

By applying, your team has a chance to close

  • 1500 € as a reward for participating (per team)
  • 20 000 € as a budget for a proof-of-concept project
  • Long-term partnership with the host

In return, your team invests an estimated 4 working days (per team member) into co-creating an interesting solution and finding mutual ground for a partnership with the host.


Host introduction

KPY Novapolis is a modern campus operator offering business premises/office spaces and meeting services in Kuopio, and home to more than 170 companies and educational institutions (University of Eastern Finland, Savonia, Sakky). KPY Novapolis is part of KPY Cooperative, which has about 20 000 owners and is a notable economic influencer in Eastern Finland consisting of companies such as Enfo Oyj, Voimatel Oy, and Vetrea Terveys Oy in addition to KPY Novapolis. KPY has just released a new strategy, which puts Novapolis, employee experience and partnerships in the core of KPYs future success. Read more (in Finnish).


KPY Novapolis Oy offers workspaces and meeting services in Kuopio in international surroundings, where people can work, meet and innovate together. Listening to their customers and doing seamless collaboration with local companies are key to Novapolis’ operations. At the moment, KPY Novapolis consists of two campuses (separated by a highway), with over 170 tenants representing companies of all sizes from different fields, including ICT, pharma and health. It’s surrounded by expertise – University of Eastern Finland, Savonia University of Applied Sciences and Savo Consortium for education are all located at the same Savilahti campus.

The tenants at KPY Novapolis currently enjoy shared reception services, parking, cleaning, maintenance and access control, in addition to a vibrant lunch restaurant with catering services. The site is an attractive place for companies to be, and has a top level space utilization rate . However, as the concept of the workplace and the need for fixed office space is changing (not least due to the covid-19 pandemic), also the campus needs to adapt to better serve and attract employees and companies of the future. KPY Novapolis is aspiring to be the thriving hub of Eastern Finland, where success is enabled for small businesses, and innovative entrepreneurs and young generations of employees want to be.

Now it’s time for KPY Cooperative to look far into the future, aiming to take KPY Novapolis to the next level by making it the most modern and attractive place for companies and individuals to work.


Challenge description

In this innovation challenge KPY Novapolis is looking for new service concepts or solutions, but most of all new partners who can help envision, experiment and implement the elements of a future workplace experience in their premises. The goal is to better attract and satisfy tenants, especially the demanding ones from small and growing businesses, now and in the next decades to come.

We believe that a good employee experience and wellbeing of people are the key to success for companies in the future. KPY Novapolis wants to enable that for their tenants. The workplace will probably play a different role than in the past, as people increasingly combine working remotely and being present. Sustainability and feeling of community are also important, but how to turn these values into concrete parts of a profitable rental business?

In this challenge and with the participating or winning teams, we want to explore:

  • What are the elements and services that make a modern workplace and employee experience?
  • What kind of services could a rental operator like KPY Novapolis provide to make their customers’ (=tenants) employees thrive?
  • How can modern employee experience be enabled and supported by such a rental operator instead of or in addition to the actual employer?

Available Resources

To help the teams during the challenge, we have reserved some key people and resources to support your work:

  • You will get access to customer insights based on our latest survey results
  • Each team will have an opportunity to discuss with mentors representing the host
  • In addition to mentors, there will be other relevant people available for interviewing during the co-creation event
    • Example customer or a potential customer (tenant)


  • Applications deadline August 27th 16:00
  • Applicants informed about the selections: September 3rd
  • Challenge briefing session (mandatory for most team members) September 9th 14-17 (online)
  • Co-creation Camp (mandatory for all team members) September 15th-16th (Kuopio/online, both options available)
  • Proof-of-concept phase kickoff (mandatory for best teams chosen by jury) TBD

Rules of Engagement

Who can apply

Apply with a team of 2-3 people, ideally combining diverse skills and backgrounds in the team. The team must represent a company or other such entity that can drive the design and implementation of their solution during and after the Challenge. All applications will be reviewed after the deadline and all applicants will be informed after the deadline. 3-8 teams will be selected to join the challenge. You may only apply by submitting the Industryhack web form.


Expected commitment for selected teams

During the challenge, the teams will develop and conceptualise their suggested solutions together with Host’s mentors. The teams are expected, in minimum, to work full-time on the challenge during the kickoff event (0,5 days) and co-creation camp (2 days), and invest an estimated 1-2 days of time in between. The aim of the contest is to find one or two relevant concepts that can be validated in the proof-of-concept phase. The team that is chosen to the proof-of-concept project will be paid the agreed budget to deliver the project.


Terms of participation

The challenge will be organised under Industryhack Terms of Participation (version 20200609). The poc project’s agreement will be made with Industryhack’s poc agreement template, in accordance with the spirit of the terms mentioned above. The template will be shared with the winning team(s).

Team selection criteria

Applications will be evaluated based on team composition, initial approach and contribution to the combination of selected teams. The following criteria will be used to identify 3-8 teams with best potential to succeed in co-creating and proposing an interesting solution.

Team composition:

  • Depth and variety of skills and experience relevant to the challenge
  • Team’s motivation and ability to work together
  • Team’s motivation and ability to partner with the host

Initial approach:

  • Team’s preliminary ideas or selected approach for solving the challenge
  • Correct understanding of the challenge

Contribution to the mix:

  • Participating teams will be chosen so that the approaches and team compositions complement each other and represent a variety of viewpoints to the challenge



Each team that is selected to the co-creation camp will be paid a reward of 1500 eur for taking part in the challenge. Rewards are paid against invoice after the team has presented their solution at the end of camp and provided their materials and feedback after the camp. After the camp, the best team(s) chosen by the jury are expected to work on their proof-of-concept (POC) project, building and testing the POC together with the host. The project will have a budget of ~20 000 euros paid by the host. More detailed scope and cost of the project are designed during the camp and in the POC project’s kickoff.


In case you have any questions, feel free to contact Satu Huotari (