Work on the best projects

Work with the most innovative companies in traditional industries on their flagship digitalisation projects. Apply to participate their innovation challenges.

Industryhack in short

Learn about new industries

Get to know what happens behind the scenes in different industries, companies and technologies.

Make friends

Become a part of the community and get to know other developers – learn from them and share your insights.

Learn new tech

Improve your dev skills and co-create together with the host company while learning about new tech from other hackers.

New business

Pitch, win a hack prize or even better – continue to work together with the host after the hack.

Here's how it works

The hacks are always hosted by a single company with a goal in mind: to make meaningful connections and develop new products.

Participants apply as teams of 2-3 people, and 10-15 teams are selected to take part. A typical Industryhack lasts 2,5 days, and includes an excursion to the host’s relevant facilities. In the end, the winners will be chosen by a jury of industry experts. Best news to us is when a team takes their product further with the host company. A hack is more than a hack, they say.

Learn and play!

Improve your development skills and learn about new technologies available for free at the events. We have partnered up with leading tech companies to provide access to the latest tools, tech and services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply?

Anyone can apply. We select teams based on their motivation and experience. We are especially looking for SW and HW developers, data scientists, UX designers and business developers. Also, we love when startups come and make a pilot with the host company.

What if I don’t have a team?

You should always apply in a team of 2-3 people. Bring someone from work or pick up that phone and call a friend you always wanted to work with.

What about food, bed and transportation?

Once you have been selected to the hack, we will take care of you. Don’tcha worry.

Does this cost money? What should I bring?

Industryhack is free for everyone who has been selected to the hack. We have tech from our partners available for you, but you will need your own computer. Bring what you think you’ll need, especially to be able to demo your idea as good as possible.

Who will own the idea?

The developers are the heart of our community and the end result is always owned by the developers. The ideas can be further developed together with the host if you wish to.

What if this FAQ didn’t answer my questions?

Email us
or ask someone in the Industryhack community

“It’s about getting to know the customer from the ground up and solving big problems.”
- UX designer at Hack the Engine
“I got my hands on actual factory data and then just started developing with good friends.”
- SW developer at Hack the Factory
“It felt like being a child at an API candystore!”
- Techie at Hack the Harvester
"I enjoyed the laid-back can-do mentality, learning about the host company and working with them.”
- Developer at Hack the Recycling
“Hard but ever so rewarding. It was great to see that leadership from the company had joined.”
- Business developer at Hack the Ship