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Our customers are on their journey of transformation. We help them take the first steps in the right direction and find the right partners through our extensive experience in open innovation, experimentation, startups and challenge-driven co-creation between companies.

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Want a quick and easy introduction to using challenge-driven co-creation and building a culture of experimentation? Our hands-on workshops and training sessions can help you set the right direction for your journey of learning and transformation. Contact us for more info and reservations.

  • Capability Assessment
  • Challenge specification and prioritization
  • Co-creation principles and best practices
  • Partner scouting and policies

Innovation challenges

Our turnkey service to kickstart your transformation. Helps you try out new ways of working and developing your business with our community of solvers. Finds your capabilities and bottlenecks in open innovation, startup collaboration and the culture of experimentation.

  • Industryhack team of experts to run the project for you
  • 3-8 solver teams from Industryhack community
  • 3-8 solution concepts created to your chosen challenge
  • 1-3 proof-of-concepts validated with your customers/users

Read more in our recent white paper (in Finnish).

Innovative public procurement

On average public sector organizations spend about half of their money on procuring products and services from their suppliers, contractors and manufacturers. Innovative Public Procurement (IPP) has also shown to be an interesting platform of innovation for the public sector. Different kinds of public-private partnerships are increasingly a source of new social innovations and new ways of digitalizing public services. IPP is the driver behind the next leap in increasing effectiveness of public procurement and our public sector service can kickstart your innovative procurement. Read more (in Finnish).

  • Social innovation
  • Digitalization of public services
  • Higher effectiveness of procurement
  • Less risks by experimenting before committing to big contracts

Innovation ecosystems and partner networks

We help you establish an ecosystem of partners for co-creating, experimenting and building new solutions with. Use our challenge-driven approach as a structured way of finding, engaging and coordinating your innovation partners.

  • Support and training for your key personnel
  • Legal policy templates and guidance to remove barriers of collaboration
  • Regular assessment of progress and learning
  • Access to Industryhack community and tools for building your own

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