Don’t leave me hanging…
and 8 other tips.

We wanted to know the pitfalls and best practices of open innovation pilot projects, and interviewed both parties of collaboration from 30 projects. Here’s what we learned.

How to succeed in open innovation projects?

Last year Industryhack organized 16 innovation challenges, out of which 30 pilot projects were started. We wanted to find out how these projects started, what kind of problems there have been, and what have been the success factors. We called both our customers and the teams working on the projects, and interviewed them on what could have been done better.


Nine house rules for open innovation projects

Based on the findings, we concluded 9 basic house rules for open innovation projects, which we are fostering. These rules include:

  1. Look for a partner with serious intentions, so no one’s time gets wasted
  2. Define the scope of the challenge so that you can tell who to include in the project
  3. Involve all relevant people to the project from the very beginning
  4. Plan the schedule ahead so the process doesn’t get left hanging

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